Free DVD players to watch movies on your PC

Watching movies on your PC is an increasingly common habit among PC users and to do this you need a good DVD player capable of meeting your needs. What is the best program to watch movies on your computer?

Windows Media Player (WMP), the default player present in the Windows operating system, has become more and more cumbersome lately and does not allow the viewing of all Winamp video files, which, besides playing audio files, also allows viewing of video files, consuming a lot of resources and since December 2013 are no longer up to date, and iTunes is a good audio / video player, nothing to say but is more used by Apple’s owners (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and can not be said to be a flexible player and unfortunately consumes many computer resources. So, what are the best free alternatives?

free dvd players for pc

Leaving aside the most famous titles, you will still find the list of the best computer program viewers that can overcome programs such as Ultra DVD Player, iTunes and Winamp in terms of compatibility with different video formats and the number of functions mood.

It’s probably the best software to watch DVD movies on your computer. Intuitive, easy to use and rich in options, PotPlayer, is developed by the same Korean programmer, the author of the KMPlayer video player.

It supports almost all existing video formats (DVD, AVI, MKV, OGG, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime). install other codecs that can cause instability problems for your operating system.

PotPlayer supports GPU acceleration and post-processing, so when you want to see a HD movie on your computer, the program uses the video card to decode the stream, reducing the use of the processor, so playback is more fluid, regardless of the quality and size of the video file. Some TV channels can also be seen if you have a USB DVB digital terrestrial receiver.

Other exciting and useful features are: watching streaming videos, capturing a frame in a video, playing back similar video files in the same folder, real-time audio / video synchronization video with delayed or anticipated audio), supports madVR / HR / EVR, shutdown of the computer when the movie ends, and much more. At this time, i consider it to be the best free DVD player.

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