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    How to play DVDs in Windows 10 for free

    As you know Microsoft removed the most popular video player from Windows 10, called DVD player. Now they mention that you can get a similar app from Windows store but this one it is totally different from the ones that we already know. In order to use again that functions or to do a dvd playback you can use the old Windows media player that is built in the all Windows versions or to download an alternative dvd player app. We suggest you to get your Ultra DVD Player, a free dvd player software that is free to download.

    • Freeware software
    • No license needed

    rating5 out of 5 ratings

You can play any dvd discs in any format without ads or other stuff like that. This player supports any dvd's and any video format.


We have tested this player on any Windows, including Windows XP, to the latest Windows 10, and also Mac. In order to play dvds download this dvd player for Windows 10 and tell us how it works.


We need to know your opinion about this top Windows app. Software is not developed to be sold or monetized somehow, it is free to use and it will remain free.


We forgot to say that this app can be used with any dvds, even commercial dvds.


Playing dvds with Windows Media Player is an obsolete task. Use our Windows 10 DVD player instead.


Proud to say that our dvd player is free to download on PC and it is supporting any video format.


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